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Saint Petersburg Photo Gallery 5 - Attractions and Sights

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Angleterre_Hotel_and_Astoria_Hotel.jpg (161641 bytes)

Angleterre Hotel and Astoria Hotel

Anichkov_Bridge_and_Beloselsky-Belozersky_Palace.jpg (201454 bytes)

Anichkov Bridge and Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace

Arch_of_the_General_Staff_building.jpg (140350 bytes)

Arch of the General Staff building

Armenian_Church_St_Petersburg_Russia.jpg (167477 bytes)

Armenian Church in St Petersburg

Bronze_Horseman_Monument_to_Peter_the_Great.jpg (102733 bytes)

Bronze Horseman Monument to Peter the Great

Building_Nevsky_Prospect_2.jpg (189560 bytes)

Central Naval Museum

Grand_hotel_Europe.jpg (159288 bytes)

Grand hotel Europe

In_Square_St_Petersburg_Russia.jpg (227225 bytes)

In Square

Kazan_Cathedral.jpg (166684 bytes)

Kazan Cathedral

Monument_to_Catherine_the_Great_and_the_Alexander_Drama_Theater.jpg (166427 bytes)

Monument to Catherine the Great and the Alexander Drama Theater

Monument_to_the_St_Petersburg_photographer_on_the_Malaya_Sadovaya_street.jpg (124091 bytes)

St Petersburg photographer

Near_the_Kazan_Cathedral.jpg (176183 bytes)

Near the Kazan Cathedral

Old_Cobble-Stone_Road_St_Petersburg_Russia.jpg (161074 bytes)

Old Cobble-Stone Road St Petersburg

Peter_and_Paul_Fortress.jpg (167422 bytes)

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter_and_Paul_Fortress_2.jpg (156982 bytes)

Peter and Paul Fortress 2

Peter_and_Paul_Fortress_3.jpg (113660 bytes)

Peter and Paul Fortress 3

Peter_the_Great-ship_builder.jpg (185011 bytes)

Peter the Great - ship builder

Russian_Museum_St_Petersburg.jpg (207454 bytes)

Russian Museum St Petersburg

St_Isaac_Cathedral.jpg (139385 bytes)

St Isaac Cathedral

St_Isaac's_Cathedral.jpg (140797 bytes)

St Isaac's Cathedral

St_Isaac's_Cathedral_2.jpg (127564 bytes)

St Isaac's Cathedral 2

St_Isaac's_Cathedral_3.jpg (179580 bytes)

St Isaac's Cathedral 3

St_Isaac's_Cathedral_4.jpg (155300 bytes)

St Isaac's Cathedral 4

St_Peter's_Church_at_the_Nevsky_Prospect.jpg (204748 bytes)

St Peter's Church at the Nevsky Prospect

Statue_on_the_Anichkov_Bridge.jpg (94823 bytes)

Statue on the Anichkov Bridge

Wood_Bridge_to_the_Peter_and_Paul_Fortress.jpg (187950 bytes)

Wood Bridge to the Peter and Paul Fortress

Museum_of_Anthropology_and_Ethnography_(Kunstkammer).jpg (127372 bytes)

Kunstkammer Museum

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