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Saint Petersburg Photo Gallery 4 - Neva River, Canals and Rivers

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A_St_Petersburg_Restaurant.jpg (187301 bytes)

A St Petersburg Restaurant

Neva_River_Beach.jpg (138921 bytes)

Neva River Beach

Fishing_in_Neva_River.jpg (123416 bytes)

Fishing in Neva River

Fontanka_River.jpg (193593 bytes)

Fontanka River

Griboedov_Canal.jpg (169973 bytes)

Griboedov Canal

Griboedov_Canal_2.jpg (179528 bytes)

Griboedov Canal 2

Griboedov_Canal_3.jpg (184054 bytes)

Griboedov Canal 3

Moika_River.jpg (190951 bytes)

Moika River

Neva_River.jpg (164057 bytes)

Neva River

Old_Ship.jpg (151887 bytes)

Old Ship

Old_Ship_2.jpg (169177 bytes)

Old Ship 2

Bank_of_the_Neva_River.jpg (170376 bytes)

Bank of the Neva River

Piter_and_Paul_Fortress.jpg (131474 bytes)

Piter and Paul Fortress

Piter_and_Paul_Fortress_2.jpg (108343 bytes)

Piter and Paul Fortress 2

Piter_and_Paul_Fortress_3.jpg (169370 bytes)

Piter and Paul Fortress 3

Sand_Sculpture_1_Neva_River.jpg (141035 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 1 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_2_Neva_River.jpg (133112 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 2 Neva River


Sand Sculpture 3 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_4_Neva_River.jpg (161086 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 4 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_5_Neva_River.jpg (186649 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 5 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_6_Neva_River.jpg (153417 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 6 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_7_Neva_River.jpg (128569 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 7 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_8_Neva_River.jpg (140521 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 8 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_9_Neva_River.jpg (153283 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 9 Neva River

Sand Sculpture 10 Neva River (145035 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 10 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_11_Neva_River.jpg (154781 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 11 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_12_Neva_River.jpg (154087 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 12 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_13_Neva_River.jpg (127725 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 13 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_14_Neva_River.jpg (135004 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 14 Neva River

Sand_Sculpture_15_Neva_River.jpg (103892 bytes)

Sand Sculpture 15 Neva River

Sand_Sculptures.jpg (153419 bytes)

Sand Sculptures

Stroganov_Palace_Moika_River.jpg (170036 bytes)

Stroganov Palace Moika River

Tree.jpg (104336 bytes)


Vasilievsky_Island.jpg (168892 bytes)

Neva River and Vasilievsky Island

White_night_Opened_bridge_Neva_river.jpg (75986 bytes)

White night Opened bridge Neva river

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