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Saint Petersburg Photo Gallery 2 - Winter Palace

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3_Russian_Girls_Winter_Palace.jpg (154771 bytes)

3 Russian Girls Winter Palace

Alexander_Column_on_the_Winter_Palace_Square.jpg (144655 bytes)

Alexander Column on the Winter Palace Square

Alexander_Column_St_Petersburg.jpg (119194 bytes)

Alexander Column St Petersburg

Carriage_near_Hermitage.jpg (140028 bytes)

Carriage near Hermitage

Flowers_Winter_Palace_St_Petersburg.jpg (139313 bytes)

Flowers Winter Palace St Petersburg

Horse_St_Petersburg_Russia.jpg (106100 bytes)

Horse St Petersburg Russia

Horses_on_the_Winter_Palace_Square_St_Petersburg.jpg (124073 bytes)

Horses on the Winter Palace Square

On_the_Winter_Palace_Square.jpg (142992 bytes)

On the Winter Palace Square

Palace_Square_Winter_Palace_Horse.jpg (156566 bytes)

Palace Square Winter Palace Horse

Russian_Double_Headed_Eagle.jpg (110266 bytes)

Russian Double Headed Eagle

Russian_Girl_with_the_Russian_Flag.jpg (140781 bytes)

Russian Girl with the Russian Flag

Russian_Girls_Winter_Palace_Square.jpg (139370 bytes)

Russian Girls Winter Palace Square

Sculptures_on_the_Winter_Palace.jpg (149586 bytes)

Sculptures on the Winter Palace

St_Petersburg_Russia_Map.jpg (131970 bytes)

St Petersburg Russia Map

Two_Russian_Girls_on_the_Winter_Palace_Square.jpg (130368 bytes)

Two Russian Girls on the Winter Palace Square

View_from_the_Winter_Palace_Square.jpg (125553 bytes)

View from the Winter Palace Square

Winter_Palace.jpg (171817 bytes)

Winter Palace

Winter_Palace_Courtyard_Gate_Russia.jpg (222081 bytes)

Winter Palace Courtyard Gate

Winter_Palace_from_Neva_River.jpg (157988 bytes)

Winter Palace from Neva River

Winter_Palace_Hermitage_Russia.jpg (242160 bytes)

Winter Palace Hermitage_Russia

Winter_Palace_Square.jpg (136677 bytes)

Winter Palace Square

Winter_Palace_Square_Hermitage_Museum_Carriage.jpg (141335 bytes)

Hermitage Museum Carriage

Winter_Palace_Square_Tourists.jpg (135142 bytes)

Winter Palace Square Tourists

Winter_Palace_St_Petersburg_Russia.jpg (194198 bytes)

Winter Palace St Petersburg Russia

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